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Choreographic work for Graduates Contemporary Dance School Hamburg (CDSH)


CDSH Graduation performances 2012 at Hamburger Sprechwerk

“Lust is the motor of our ventures, the ones that we agree to and for which we expect a reward that we sometimes receive. Lust is always the mainspring of our evolution, but it also repeatedly puts us in danger of protruding into unknown dimensions, of getting into situations that we cannot control. Lust has various facets, light ones and also dark ones. The light side signifies personal development and insight. The dark side stands for guilt and shame.”

Choreographies: Tomislav Jelicic, Fiona Gordon, Raul Valdez und Angela Guerreiro.


CDSH Graduation performances 2013 at Hamburger Sprechwerk

DEPARTURE represents much more: leaving, turning away from well-trod paths, the hope of a new start, setting off in the unknown, discovering exciting worlds as well as moving away from the traditional, drifting away from prevailing opinions, exposing a new view of life, leaving the harbour of boring customs, soaring to new dimensions and spheres.

Choreographies: Angela Guerreiro, Tomislav Jelicic, Teresa Ranieri, Raul Valdez.

Part of LUST

“I feel, therefore I am”

Choreography & Concept: Angela Guerreiro

Music: Stella Veloce

Foto © CDSH

Video solo excerpt by Ira Demina: