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-0,57 °Celsius

Presented at DanceKiosk-Hamburg Festival 2011

Solo piece

-0,57 °Celsius is the temperature when  the human blood freezes.
No thoughts. No dreams. “Aroundzero” frozen feelings.
At -0,57 °C blood circulation becomes still, brain stops functioning. Sleep turns into death. Slowly. Day by day.
Research about the influence of cold on a human body and metaphorical reflection on the emotional emptiness and grey mediocrity around.

Choreography/dance:  Ira Demina | Musik Collage: Terry Bozzio, Wimme, Silver Mt Zion, Tiger Lillies, radio France studio 106. | Mentoring: AngelaGuerreiro |
Duration: app 20 min


CDSH Students Solo Performances 2011 at Lichthof Theater

2. Education year

9 dancers. 9 stories about hopes, dreams, fears. Create a whole.

Choreographies by: Andrea Charter Lund, Ira Demina, Johanna Heising, May Linh Jürgensen Nguyen, Chika Miyazaki, Veronika Oepen, Andrej Plotkin, Sara Veit

Mentors: Angela Guerreiro & Raul Valdez

Fotos © CDHS


CDSH Graduation performances 2012 at Hamburger Sprechwerk

“Lust is the motor of our ventures, the ones that we agree to and for which we expect a reward that we sometimes receive. Lust is always the mainspring of our evolution, but it also repeatedly puts us in danger of protruding into unknown dimensions, of getting into situations that we cannot control. Lust has various facets, light ones and also dark ones. The light side signifies personal development and insight. The dark side stands for guilt and shame.”

Choreographies: Tomislav Jelicic, Fiona Gordon, Raul Valdez und Angela Guerreiro.

Excerpts of all choreographies.


Solo by Ira Demina part of the group piece “I feel, therefore I am”

Choreography, concept: Angela Guerreiro

Music: Stella Veloce


Fotos © CDHS


CDSH Graduation performances 2013 at Hamburger Sprechwerk

DEPARTURE represents much more: leaving, turning away from well-trod paths, the hope of a new start, setting off in the unknown, discovering exciting worlds as well as moving away from the traditional, drifting away from prevailing opinions, exposing a new view of life, leaving the harbour of boring customs, soaring to new dimensions and spheres.

Choreographies: Angela Guerreiro, Tomislav Jelicic, Teresa Ranieri, Raul Valdez.


CDSH Students Solo Performances 2015 at Lichthof Theater

2. Education year

In chaos we met by accident * the middle point was breathing deeply, talking to the war * before the spider bit itself, wild gestures became happy * countless frequencies are invisible * is that true? * nevertheless, even though, after all, we keep on dancing

Choreographies by: Roberta Ceppaglia, Magdalena Dudek, Aleksandra Kovacevic, Muwala-Paulo Lando, Hedda Parkkonen, Lisa Propawa, Milena Luise Stein, Ann-Kathrin Tietje

Mentors: Angela Guerreiro & Raul Valdez

Artistic direction: Raul Valdez


CDSH Students Solo Performances 2016 at Lichthof Theater

2. Education year

Die TänzerInnen des zweiten Ausbildungsjahrs der CDSH zeigen zehn Stücke, die sie als Teil der Abschlussprüfung selbst entwickelt haben. Sie verstehen das Leitmotiv “Complexity” als eine Vielfalt aus Einzelteilen, die miteinander interagieren. Im Anschluss an eine Vorbereitungsphase mit der Choreografin Angela Guerreiro begleitete Raul Valdez, der Künstlerische Leiter der CDSH, die Schüler in ihrem Arbeitsprozess, das Stück bühnenfertig zu inszenieren.

Es gibt keine eindeutige Definition was Komplexität bedeutet. Wir definieren es jedenfalls als etwas mit vielen Aspekten welche in verschiedener Art und Weise interagieren.

Dieser Abend befasst sich mit der Bedeutung anders zu sein, unseren engsten Beziehungen und deren Einfluss auf uns, sowie der Suche nach seinem Platz in der Gesellschaft.

Choreographies by: Magda Argyridou, Lucia Cito, Nikoline Due Iversen, Ronja Frizen, Juliana Jänichen, Sophia Kirk, Lara Komm, Ioanna Theodorou, Farah Ulmann

Mentors: Angela Guerreiro & Raul Valdez

Artistic direction: Raul Valdez

Fotos © CDHS


Dance of Death (Totentanz, Danse Macabre) is an artistic genre of late-medieval allegory on the universality of death: no matter one’s station in life, the Dance of Death unites all.

Banshee Ragout is a 75 min long dystopia investigating the concepts that find themselves within the semantic field of death-dances. The medieval figure of a dancing Death embodies a paradox. After all, isn’t it the living who dance? Is dance not often seen, in all its dynamic ephemerality, as an expression and celebration of life itself? What are the connections between dance and death? Banshee Ragout attempts to inhabit the paradox, reflecting on the phantasma of reversibility of life, death and art.

This journey to nowhere weaves together a variety of strategies: the physical enactment of medieval representations of Danse Macabre, an analysis of death choreographies of German expressionist dance pioneers Mary Wigman, Kurt Jooss and Harald Kreutzberg, as well as contemporary doom metal and drone music, somatic exploration of the dying experience, and finally, experimentation with body fictions and cognitive imagery.

These ghosts of the past, fragilities of the present and dystopias of the future float and swirl in the loving embrace of a massive swathe of flowing black plastic, itself machined from the oozing bodies of our ancient forebears. The performers busy themselves channelling these ancestors both material and artistic, attempting to embody the paradox of a dancing death.

What are the connections between dance and death?
Who knows, maybe our death is dancing with us already.

Choreography, dance: Joshua Rutter, Irina Demina
Composition& live music: Pelle Buys, Mark Leyrer
Light: Henning Eggers
Dramaturgic assistance: Angela Guerreiro


Whole Length: