Me and My White Skeleton | 2021

reflections by Afro-Portuguese Angela Guerreiro

#Premiere: September 10th, 2021 | Halle 6, Munich | Installation/Performance 12am – 11pm.

Me and My White Skeleton is a proposal towards the awareness of black bodies as such, not as the other or the otherness, not as an alienated body, but as a way to conquer bodily space and contour. This research is about racism, colonialism and the historical presence of Black bodies in Europe. Through a series of interviews to artists, scientists, journalists, researchers I attempt to foster communication, attention and a deeper reflection about ‘concepts’ created by White bodies from where power, opression and race supremacy as been evolved until today.

exposure n° 6-11 | 2003

by Angela Guerreiro
Premiere September 17, 2003 at Hamburger Botschaft

Concept, Choreography und Dance: Angela Guerreiro
Live-Music: Beat Halberschmidt, Sven Kacirek, Neda Ploskow
Light Design: Sérgio Pessanha
Ton: Hans Peter Shorty Gerrits
Dramaturgy: Peter Pleyer
Video & Costume: Angela Guerreiro
Costume assistant: Adriana Braga Peretcki
Production: DepArtment/Harriet Lesch
Production assistant: Tina Pickhardt

Angela Guerreiro Production together with Department. Funded by the Kulturbehörde der Freien and Hansestadt Hamburg. Supported by Kampnagel Hamburg, Die Höge, Schloss Bröllin, Nationales Performance Netzwerk and Hamburger Botschaft.

The Last party | 2004

Concept: Irma Vep

Music: Sven Kacirek.

Angela Guerreiro, continued to explore the ‘other’, the ‘stranger’ as a part of herself. Miss Irma Vep, the leader of a mysterious gang of thieves of the heart who haunts Hamburg by night created a 15 min. length of a glamorous electronic landscape with an Asian scent shimmering.

The last party was presented at Glamour, a project from Tanzinitiative at the Spielbundplatz, Hamburg

Project Z | 2002

©Photos Wolfgang Unger

Concept, Artistic Direction and Choreography: Angela Guerreiro
Co-Creation & Dance: Einar Tuchman, Cristina Moura, Nir de Volff, David Camplani, Jo Stone
Roomconcept: Paul Gazzola
Composition & Livemusic: Beat Halberschmidt
Light: Sérgio Pessanha
Production Direction: DepArtment/Katharina von Wilcke

Project Y | 2001

©Photos Wolfgang Unger

Project X | 2000


Wolfgang Unger

Concept, Artistic Direction and Choreography: Angela Guerreiro
Co-Creation & Dance: Isabelle Schad, Victoria Hauke, Jochen Roller, Marc Rees
Roomconcept: Holger Nickisch
Composition & Livemusic: Beat Halberschmidt
Light: Sérgio Pessanha
Costumes & Assistance Artistic Direction: Evangeline van Niekerk
Production Direction: DepArtment/Katharina von Wilcke
Production Assistent: Julia von Trotha

Thanks to: Antonio R. Damasio for our e-mail conversations, Fiona Gordon for her voice, Jochen Büchel, André Huppertz and Frau Miller.

Permanent Prints | 1999

©Photos Wolfgang Unger

Artistic Direction & Choreography: Angela Guerreiro
Created & performed by: Aloisio Avaz, Cristina Moura, Angela Guerreiro and Marc Rees
Dramaturgy: Mårten Spångberg
Music/Conception: Hendrik Lorenzen
Stage props: Tobacco Brown & Angela Guerreiro
Lights: Sérgio Pessanha
Costumes: Angela Guerreiro
Video: Marc Rees
Producer: DepArtment | Katharina von Wilcke
Project Direction: DepArtment | Harriet Lesch

Fade | 1997

©Photos Wolfgang Unger

Artistic Direction: Angela Guerreiro
Co-Choreography and dance: Marc Rees, Aloisio Avaz, Angela Guerreiro
Music: Hendrik Lorenzen
Light: Sérgio Pessanha
Set-design: Markus Böhler
Costumes: Tina Klietz
Producer: DepArtment/Katharina von Wilcke