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no money no love | 2003

In “perform performing,” dancer Jochen Roller explores the conditions under which he practices his profession. In the work’s first part, “NO MONEY, NO LOVE” , Roller, assuming that work means earning a salary, calculates how much he earns with his work and what dance actually costs. In light of insufficient state funding, he acknowledges that one must do several other professions in order to continue working as a dancer. In “NO MONEY, NO LOVE,” he demonstrates to the audience how one can still rehearse and produce a dance performance during work hours. In each job – whether as an H & M salesman, a call-center agent at the German railroad, or an escort-service employee – Roller draws analogies to his actual profession of dancer. From these jobs’ work conditions comes “NO MONEY, NO LOVE,” a performance in which a dancer performs other work to earn money.

Concept / Choreography / Performance: Jochen Roller
Artistic collaboration part 1: Angela Guerreiro