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The women, what about women | 2002

by Angela Guerreiro
commissioned by the Dance Company Woo, Dansescenen Kopenhagen

The most important thing that I wanted to achieve during my creative process with the dancers was the feeling of intimacy. To be in the rehearsal room as a human being with the weaknesses and fragilities that we all have. For me the beauty of directing is to be able to share my perspectives in life which in the end it is a thin line between reality and my artistic visions.

Coreography Angela Guerreiro
Dancers Charlotte Munch Bengtsen, Patricia Seron Pawlik, Sara Gebran, Amia Miang
Music Beat Halberschmidt
Costumes Sara Sachs
Stage-design Angela Guerreiro, Anna L. Boysen
Light-Design Mikael Sylvest
Foto consultant Anna L. Boysen, Ada Soby Bligaard

Premiere at Dancescenen Copenhagen: 21.06.2002
Further performances: 23, 26 and 29.06.2002