Die Kandidaten (The candidates) | 2007

A pilot project for young Hamburg dancers 2007
Premiere: August 5 / 8:00 pm / Hamburger Sprechwerk
Further performances: August 7 and 14 /8:00 pm / Hamburger Sprechwerk (ca. 60 Minuten)
• Public discussion with the artists on August 7th, after the performance.

After much consideration the creation of the kiosk.company was a spontaneous answer to the lack of support and work possibilities for young dancers in Hamburg. We believe that the kiosk.company can help young dancers to develop themselves as well as to create a platform for future independent choreographers. Kiosk.Company was the beginning of an idea, which through the wish and drive of five young female dancers, anxious about professional experience back in 2005 become more and more real. In 2007 the Kiosk.Company invited Antje Pfundtner and Filip Van Huffel to create two pieces about the topic of competition and the illusory art and media world. Both projects were presented in the frame of the festival DanceKiosk-Hamburg.
(Angela Guerreiro)

The Candidates will treat two different issues, issues that will get raised during the process of its own production: the idea of talent and the question of interpretation. Each choreographer picks his/her dancer in an audition. In this audition, as in any other audition, the choreographers look for the appropriate performers for their pieces. But how do we define the appropriateness of a dancer? And what about the categories that come up within this context like, for example, talent, skills, and personality? Many attempts have been made to define these categories – and invariably failed due to their subjectivity.

The proposal is to shift perceptions, to take the talent shows under a new perspective and make certain questions like: Is it possible to become a pop start within the Contemporary dance world? And if the question would be yes what would be the chosen criteria. Considering a positive answer – what would be the chosen criteria? What do we do with the possession of a dancer? What about the idea of a false/fake economy within the contemporary dance world? And since we are still – hopefully – dealing with an alternative economy, which means an exchange of skills and goods, the false/fake economy of the talent shows is about to create values, which do not have any value altogether, because we cannot possess a dancer.
In that sense “The candidates” are creating “something” that pretends to be a superstar, using an alternative economy which is based on the sharing of experience, talent, skill, and personality.

Concept: Angela Guerreiro, Jochen Roller und Katrin Nissel
Artistic Direction & Project Management: Angela Guerreiro
Guest Choreographers: Antje Pfundtner, Filip Van Huffel
Live Music: Streedbänd from the Hamburg School of Music – Nina Müller (megaphone); Magdalena Walker (megaphone); Jan Kröger (drumhead); Johannes Heger (bass); Johannes Schäfer (wood box); Hubert Fersterer (melodica, saxophone)- and Sven Kacirek
Dancers at Antje Pfundtner: Keshwar Sayed, Lydia Heuling, Annina Lisa Lingens, Angela Kecinski and Philipp van der Heijden
Dancers at Filip Van Huffel: Alexandra Catherine Denk, Michael Schnitzler, Signe Koefoe, Keshwar Sayed, Ursina Tossi and Simone Detig
Press- & Public Relations: Katrin Nissel
Photography: Udo Kilian
Assistant Project Management: Cecilia Amado
Graphic Design: Veronika Grigkar
Production: arts and credits | Agnieszka Harmanci

The Candidates is a production by the Kiosk.Company in cooperation with DanceKiosk-Hamburg, supported by the Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg, the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, and Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.

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The Kiosk.company – A pilot project for young Hamburg dancers 2007