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The Live Legacy Project | 2014

The Live Legacy Project: Correspondences between German Contemporary Dance and Judson Dance Theater Movement

Symposium from 7th to 11th July 2014 at tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf
Initiated by Angela Guerreiro in collaboration with Karen Schaffman

Short project description:
This research project undertakes to illuminate correspondences between the contemporary German dance movement in the late 20th century (1970s-1990s) and the Judson Dance Theater Movement (Judson). By bringing together living legacies with contemporary Germany artists in a six days symposium including movement practices, trainings, workshops, lectures we seek to understand the transaction of particular concepts in German choreographic practices.

A symposium will host practice in techniques, choreographic projects and methodologies, and performance/talks to open embodied conversations. We will create dyads as method to highlight and reveal correspondences. For example Dieter Heitkamp and Nancy Stark Smith, Ka Rustler and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Thomas Lehman and Steve Paxton, Mary O’Donnell and David Brandstätter, Eva Karczag and Malgven Gerbes and many others. The project will make visible German dance heritage in a book publication and in film documentation made by the Deutsch Tanzfilminstitut Bremen.