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Tracing Dance Reloaded | 2010

Tracing Dance Reloaded focus on the Hanseatic city of Hamburg tracing down the relationship between Hamburg and Africa.

Tracing Dance from Addis Ababa to Nairobi and Hamburg | 2008-09

A research project by Angela Guerreiro supported by the Goethe-Institute Nairobi and the Goethe-Institute Gebrekristos Desta Center Addis Ababa.

The Altar for three voices in a room | 2006

Presented at the festival Moving Exiles’- Veronika Blumstein’, Swankhalle in Bremen.

Memory-Play | 2005

Memory Play – A pirated copy is an “imaginary” reflection by Angela Guerreiro about China’s 21st Century, acompanied by the musician and composer Sven Kacirek

Hamburg2Shanghai | 2004

In the summer of 2004, Angela Guerreiro was invited by DepArtment to develop a solo Performance with the musicians Beat Halberschmidt and Sven Kacirek, at a converted cargo container.

The last party | 2004

Miss Vep, the leader of a mysterious gang of thieves of the heart who haunts Hamburg by night.

exposure n° 6-11 | 2003

exposure – evenings of solo performance – started with started with readings of an Anthology of solo performers from the 20th century

Project Z | 2002

Project Z is the battle against the unavoidable constant of human existence, death.

Project X | 2000

Project X was the result of a creative process of one and a half month between a choreographer, 4 dancers, a visual artist, a neurologist, a musician and a light designer.

Project Y | 2001

Project Y undertakes the new advance of technology and how futurologists are having big premonitions regarding computerized bodies and artificial intelligence as our thematic.

Permanent Prints | 1999

In a duet and two solos the dualities between body and mind, nature and culture, biology and discourse is being questioned through the dancing body.

Fade | 1997

‘Fade is one of those precious theatrical pieces which is enjoyable from start to finish.’

Be nice or leave. Thank you. | 1998

This creation had as its point of departure the situation of homeless, of people living in the streets, in shelters and vacancies.

Bastard Memory | 1996

In her solo, Angela Guerreiro transformed into an androgynous being with abrupt changes of nature.

Plant Hunters | 1995

Plant Hunters develops through two bodies with their different physical discourses – the dancer and the musician.