Permanent Prints | 1999

©Photo Friedemann Simon

Angela Guerreiro is in Permanent Prints in humoresque and light way playing with clichés and prejudices concerning how our bodies are inscribed in contemporary society. In a duet and two solos the dualities between body and mind, nature and culture, biology and discourse is being questioned through the dancing body.
The four dancers are examining their particular heritage to conceive a critical image of how our bodies in different manners are defined by the environment.
The choreography is through three different points of departure examining the concepts for creating and erasing ethnic and sexual identities. Identities that are in-excluded by conventionalized frameworks, and therefor has to be understood as a multiplicity, constantly changing.
Permanent Prints is a full length dance piece in three parts that are turning the gaze inside out and opening our eyes to each and everybody’s differences, letting us be proud of them.
(Mårten Spångberg)

A co-production by Kampnagel Hamburg and Internationales Sommertheater Festival Hamburg with Angela Guerreiro Prod. in Cooperation with DepArtment. With the support of Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg.

‘We carry the weight and the pleasure of our origin, our education, our history as permanently present heritage around with us. Angela Guerreiro calls her impressive‚ three-part piece about being marked over time ‚Permanent Prints‘. Only few besides Angela Guerreiro succeed in exerting so much live-humor and wisdom in 80 minutes.’ (Hamburger Abendblatt)

Artistic Direction & Choreography: Angela Guerreiro
Created & performed by: Aloisio Avaz, Cristina Moura, Angela Guerreiro and Marc Rees
Dramaturgy: Mårten Spångberg
Music/Conception: Hendrik Lorenzen
Stage props: Tobacco Brown & Angela Guerreiro
Lights: Sérgio Pessanha
Costumes: Angela Guerreiro
Video: Marc Rees
Producer: DepArtment | Katharina von Wilcke
Project Direction: DepArtment | Harriet Lesch
Duration of the total piece: 80 min.

©Photo Wolfgang Unger