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Plant Hunters | 1995

Plant Hunters develops through two bodies with their different physical discourses – the dancer and the musician. My intention was to breakdown the opposition between these two functions. Using various texts materials characters have been created which have contributed to work beyond the conventional rolaes of a musician and a dancer. The musician is also a storyteller or as I say a ‘DJ of emotions’. As a dancer the work with voice and text in this piece meant an extention if my possibilies of expression and it is for me a continous challenge to combine movement and language in diffrent ways.

Concept, artistic direction, choreography and dance: Angela Guerreiro
Music: Hendrik Lorenzen
Assistence: Alexandre Franco
Set-design: Dirk Thiele
Costumes: Angela Guerreiro and Jo-Anna Harmann
Light-design: Oliver Jentzen
Production: Katharina von Wilcke

Excerpts Texts: José Saramago ‘The gospel according Jesus Christ’ 1991/1993; Albert Schweitzer ‘On the edge of the primal forest’ 1914; Harriet Hubard Ayer ‘Beauty in History’ 1990.

Premiere at Kampnagel Hamburg in 1995. With further performances in Copenhagen und Lisbon, 1995.