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Project Y | 2001

Project Y undertakes the new advance of technology and how futurologists are having big premonitions regarding computerized bodies and artificial intelligence as our thematic. Future seems to be a wonderful morphing act between human bodies, microchips and the eternal achievement of perfection.

The decoding of the last biological secrets of the human being, the structure of the brain and the genetic code, is the requirement for upcoming possibilities to manipulate the body, genes and brains. The breathtaking progress in modern science will change our lives radically. The strong presence of this issue in public discussions is caused at first sight by the necessity of the society to discuss danger and profit of it. But there are more reasons behind the emotional excitement and the greed for more news from the ”future”.

We are living in a time, where most of alternative life-concepts and ideologies lost their value. There is no more vision of a different society than the status quo. And while globalization is changing things so rapidly, most of the people seem to be paralyzed by fatalism. There are no more utopias. But those upcoming possibilities between science and fiction are feeding all kinds of longings for changes, whether private or social ones. So we can understand all the virulent future dreams also as a mirror of our today life.