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Surviving Dance –
Kunst-Wirtschaft-Politik | 2011

A production by Angela Guerreiro

SURVIVING DANCE – art, economy and politics’ is a platform for reflection and discussion upon social and work conditions for artists and the role they play in society. The Project engages artists, cultural and governmental institutions, non-artists and citizens in order to discuss about the role of dance and its general conditions within a social, economical and political span.

SURVIVING DANCE – art, economy and politics’ starts with a mini residency of four week with six Hamburg choreographers, Antoine Effroy, Danielle Brown, Uta Engel, Anja Winterhalter, Irina Virkulina and Ursina Tossi which are asked to create short choreographies at K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg from April to May 2011 with mentoring by Claude Jansen and Angela Guerreiro. Results will be presented under the frame of the final Symposium on the 20th and 21st May 2011.

An essential part of the project are the three working groups these are meetings between the resident choreographers, dance institutions, cultural centers, residency infrastructures, cultural managers, organizations, associations, economy and politic departments, labor offices and the Hamburg fellow-citizens with the aim to develop critical comments, visions and results to be presented and discussed at the final Symposium.

Irmela Kästner (freie Autorin, Kuratorin, Produzentin, künstlerische Co-Leiterin der Tanzinitiative Hamburg); Gabriele Klein (Performance Studies- Universität Hamburg); Edith Boxberg (Journalistin, Hamburg); Peter Pleyer (Tanztage Berlin); Thomas Kampe (London Metropolitan University); Joao Cerqueira da Silva Junior (ArtEZ Master of Choreography Dance Unlimited, Arnheim); Jenny Beyer (Choreographin, Hamburg); Sabrina Sadowska (Gründerin der Stiftung Tanz Deutschland); Madeline Ritter (Juristin und Kulturmanagerin, Berlin); Isgard Rhein (Rechtsanwältin, Hamburg); Egbert Rühl (Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft mbH); Micha Purucker (Choreograph, München); Kathrin Kolo (Choreographin und Unternehmensberaterin, Zürich); Tatjana Turanskyj (Film Regisseurin, Berlin) und Sven Seeger (Choreograph und Tänzer, Berlin); Gabriele Wittmann (freie Fachautorin für Tanz in Print, Hörfunk und Fernsehen); Christoph Twickel, (Journalist und Buchautor, Hamburg); Simone Willeit (Tanzbüro Berlin); Barbara Schmidt-Rohr (Kuratorin, Produzentin, Ko-künstlerische Leitung Tanzinitiative Hamburg); Jochen Roller (Choreograph und Kurator, Berlin).

Angela Guerreiro: Concept & Artistic Direction
Jules Buchholtz: Project management
Claude Jansen: Dramaturgy for artistic working processes

Angela Guerreiro Prod. in coproduction with K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, funded by Behörde für Kultur und Medien der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg. In cooperation with Dachverband Freier Theaterschaffender Hamburg e.V. and Performance Studies / Universität Hamburg

Surviving dance from Angela Guerreiro
SurvivingDance Lecture Performance ‘WEITERMACHEN’
Showing 21.05.11 | Surviving Dance Project
‘Krise – Kontrolle – Kommunikation’, a Lecture by Irmela Kästner
Vortrag Gabriele Klein