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DanceKiosk-Hamburg 2005-2016

DanceKiosk-Hamburg started 2005 as pilot project to create a new platform for the independent Contemporary Dance community in Hamburg. The festival developed a wide program: stage performances, lectures, different services for the general public and for the experts and dancers as well.

DanceKiosk-Hamburg’s main goal was the international networking of local and nationwide dancers as well as the dialogue with other artistic domains. The participants should work together for a large period of time, present each other their works, share practices in labs and make an interchange in the public discussions. Movement practice and the development of concepts should be increased. Dancers should deal as well with new work methods and learn to reflect about the performance arts. This should help the participant to understand dance as an art form which is permanently in change.

DanceKiosk-Hamburg focuses theoretical and practical approaches on new currents in Contemporary Dance: intelligent heads are in intelligent bodies.

DanceKiosk-Hamburg enters into a commitment on the needs of performers and dancers.
DanceKiosk-Hamburg shows participants new and important research methods that enriches the choreographic work.
DanceKiosk-Hamburg provides an insight into the stage techniques, light and sound design.
DanceKiosk-Hamburg wants to support young local and international dancers.
DanceKiosk-Hamburg offers new approaches, concepts and aesthetical experiences which plays an important role in creative processes

DanceKiosk-Hamburg 2016_ 48 Hours Nomads
JULY 8, 2016 _ Preparations and Opening Ceremony
JULY 8, 2016 – Its happening